Crossroads Thoiry COVID-19 update 


We are gathering together again at our church building or you can still join us online with Zoom - the details of how to join the online Sunday service in our latest e-newsletter here.

If joining us in person, please note the following message from the leadership team:

In line with the easing of those measures both in France and Switzerland, it is time for us as a church to also consider what is practically feasible and advisable.  We can consider a careful and phased approach to easing some of the measures we put in place, particularly for our Sunday gatherings in the Church building.  Here is our proposal for a phased easing of measures that the leadership team has also approved: 

  • Wearing masks in the church building will not be a requirement anymore, but as is the practice elsewhere, those who prefer to continue wearing masks are welcome to do so.
  • Registration (QR code) at the gate will not be needed anymore.
  • Sanitary and hygiene practices will still be in place, and hand sanitizers will continue to be placed at the meeting hall entrance and in the rooms. 
  • To maintain room ventilation at an acceptable level, the windows on both sides of the room will continue to be opened.
  • Food and coffee service could be delayed until a later date, but hopefully for not too long.
  • Those who are sick or tested positive for COVID-19 should stay home.


We look forward to you joining us in person or online!

last updated 17 March 2022