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That’s Going to Leave a Mark
Jesus' scars tell a story for eternity, his love for you and me.
Justus Heyman, 17/04/2022
Palm Sunday - “Who is this?”
Be encouraged that the Lord has need of you and knows everything about you as we look at the Palm Sunday passage together in Matthew 21:1-11
Justus Heyman, 10/04/2022
Déjà vu
In Matthew 15, we see a story where, like the disciples, we often forget that if God has cared for us and provided in the past, He will do the same now. How easily we can be overwhelmed and discouraged with difficult situations! Be encouraged that God continues to work in us and through us even when we forget the lessons he has taught us in the past.
Justus Heyman, 03/04/2022
Matthew 14 - Jesus Saves
Like Peter, we learn in life that if you want to experience the power of God in your life, you have to take a step of faith. Be encouraged that the great "I Am" is with you in the storm and is able to rescue you.
Justus Heyman, 27/03/2022
Living by the Spirit
Guest speaker, Al Dyck, gives us an encouraging word to live in step with the Spirit from Galatians 5:16-26
Al Dyck, 20/03/2022

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